Azuma Seiki, a precision machine company

We undertake an extensive range of job offers including material
rrangement, cutting, machining, turning, grinding and assembly.


We perform the processing operation
in accordance with our client's drawing.

With our own production control system, we are striving to meet clients’ needs smoothly.
We promote communication among all the staff and spend a lot of time to improve internal business operations for the more efficient way of work.

Processable materials
Various metal materials including aluminum, stainless steel, and bearing steel


Strict inspection system

Our inspection division makes a judgment on approval or rejection of the processed parts in conformity with the standards of respective clients.
We manage and maintain precision of measurement instruments in accordance with ISO9001 and we are also fully equipped with a temperature-controlled precision measurement room to meet requirements for higher precision measurement.


Main processed products

We meet clients’ needs by providing comprehensive support with cutting, machining, grinding, heat treatment and surface treatment of inner/outer rings of needle bearings and direct operated guide equipment.

Inner/outer ring of needle bearing
Product name: Inner/outer ring of needle bearing
Direct operated guide equipment
Product name: Direct Operated Guide Equipment


Our equipment

We are equipped with cutting machines, grinding machines, machining centers, CNC complex machines, CNC lathes and single purpose lathe machines in our four shops on the premises to enable various processing.

  • ・Thirty six machining centers
  • ・Two CNC complex machines
  • ・Five CNC lathe machines
  • ・Twenty single purpose lathe machines


Company outline

Trade name Azuma Seiki Corporation
Representative Takayasu Mogi
Location 188-1, Ogushi, Yoshii-machi, Takasaki-City, Gunma Prefecture
Main phone number 027-387-4917
Fax number 027-387-6531
Foundation 1983
Space for the site Approximately 7300 square meters
Space for the building Approximately 2650 square meters
Business description Cutting, grinding, heat treatment, etc.
Number of employees Seventy eight employees (as of March 2019)
Banking relationship Yoshii Branch of Shinonome Shinkin Bank, Yoshii Branch of Gunma Bank
Main processed products Inner/outer ring of needle bearing, main parts of direct operated guide equipment, etc.
Equipment See the page of Our equipment
Main client Three major bearing manufacturers and other several companies.


Corporate development

October, 1959 The first president opened up a business.
June, 1972 Mogi Manufacturing Co. was founded.
July, 1981 Ogushi factory of Mogi Manufacturing Co. was constructed at the present address.
September, 1983 Ogushi factory of Mogi Manufacturing Co. changed to Azuma Seiki Corporation.
May, 1990 The structure of the company changed from a private limited company to a joint-stock company.
September, 2016 Takayasu Mogi was inaugurated as the president.
May, 2017 Plastic Division was created.
ISO9001, the International Standard for quality assurance certification was obtained.

188-1,Ogushi,Yoshii-machi,Takasaki-City,Gunma Precture
Main phone number:027-387-4917
Fax nunmber:027-387-6531

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